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Parcel 4ft Deco-Office Supplies POG
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Bill of materials
PEN-BK90BPAPentel RSVP Ballpoint Pen,Fine, Black, Carded - 6/bx1
PEN-BK90BPBPentel RSVP Ballpoint Pen,Fine, Red, Carded - 6/bx1
PEN-BK90BPCPentel RSVP Ballpoint Pen,Fine, Blue, Carded - 6/bx1
PIL-32605"Bottle to Pen" Ballpoint BlkBlister pak, 2/card, 6 card/bx1
PIL-32606Bottle to Pen Ballpoint BlueBlister pak, 2 pens/card1
SAN-30101Sharpie Marker Fine Pt., BlackPerm.-Pen Style Carded, 6/bx1
SAN-30102Sharpie Marker Fine Pt., RedPerm.-Pen Style Carded, 6/bx1
SAN-32721Sharpie Retract. Marker, BlackFine Point - 1/Card 6/PK1
SAN-1742659Sharpie Fine Pt. Pen - Black2 pens/card - Permenant Ink1
PEN-AL407BP2MPentel Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm2/Pk1
SAN-66379PPPaperMate Lead Refills, 0.7mm12 pieces/tube, 6/bx1
SAN-25125Sanford Major Accent, Fl. YWHi-Liter-Carded, 6/bx1
SAN-24728PPSharpie Liquid Hi-Liter YellowFluorescent - 2 markers/card1
MIN-14083M Household 8" Scissor6/bx1
MIN-5400Post-It Note 3x3-Yellow, 3/pkCarded1
MIN-5401Post-It Note 3x3, Asst ColorsCarded - 4/pk, 12/bx1
SAN-56404LiquidPaper Multi Fluid, WhiteCarded, 6/bx1
SAN-660415Liquid Paper Dryline GripPaperMate 27.8ft 1/card1
MIN-6008-2E REV3M Scotch Glue Stick2 sticks/card 6/bx1
MIN-AD1143M Super Glue, Single Use Tube4 tubes/card1
SWI-79141Swingline TOT Mini Staplerw/Staples-Carded-Asst Clrs, ea4
OM-35911Small Paper ClipsCarded - 250/pk, 6/pk1
OM-35914Giant Paper ClipsCarded - 60/pk, 6/pk1
OM-35707OfficeMate Push PinsAsst. Carded - 100/pk, 6/bx1
OM-30070Rubber Bands, Assorted Sizes1 3/8 oz per bag1
OM-30050OfficeMates Med Binder ClipsCarded - 1-1/4", 10/bx1
OM-30020OfficeMates Small Binder ClipsCarded, 3/4" - 12/box - 12/pk1
MIN-144A3M Transparent Tape, 1/2"x450"w/Dispenser, 12/bx1
MIN-104A3M Magic Tape, 1/2" x 450"w/Dispenser 12/bx1
MIN-105A3M Magic Tape, 3/4"x300"w/Dispenser, 12/bx1
MIN-136P3M Double Stick Tape 1/2"x250"w/Dispenser, 12/BX1
MIN-153M Satin Gift Tape 3/4"x650"w/Dispenser1
RAY-AAARAYOVAC Alkaline AAA Battery4 Batteries / Card3
RAY-AARAYOVAC Alkaline AA Battery2 Batteries / Card3
RAY-CCRAYOVAC Alkaline C Battery2 Batteries / Card3
RAY-DDRAYOVAC Alkaline D Battery2 Batteries / Card3
RAY-9VRAYOVAC 9V Alkaline Battery2 Batteries / Card3
XO-44559Light-Up Blossom Writers DispBlack Ballpoint1
SAN-1835492Sharpie, Assorted Metallic DspGold, Silver, Bronze 36 pc1
XO-10711Pansy Pens, 24 per displayBlk Ballpoint, 6 pansy colors1
XO-44577Squirrel Pens DisplayBlack Ballpoint1
SN-PPC-BDEveryday/Birthday Card Display18+2 cards in Counter Display1
AMP-20260Legal Pads - 8-1/2x11, Yellow12/pk1
AMP-20360Legal Pads - 8-1/2x11, White12/pk1
SWI-54501Swingline Desk Staple, FullStrip, Black, ea4
SWI-35108Swingline Standard StaplesFull Strip, 5,000/bx, ea4
MIN-C38BK3M Desktop Tape Dispenser1 Roll Capacity, Black, ea"4
MIN-81034X363M Magic Tape, 3/4"x36ydDesk Dispenser Refills1
MEA-75024Mead #10 Press-n-Seal EnvelopePlain - 50/bx, 24/cs1
MEA-75030Mead #6-3/4 Press-n-Seal EnvSecurity - 55/bx, 24/cs1
SS-220/65Decorative Bubble MailerDisplay w/Blk Rack - 66/DSP1
SS-26LDBDecorative Box Happy B-day Lg12-1/4"x3"x17-5/8" - 6/cs1
SS-28LDBDecorative Box Celebration Lg12-1/4"x3"x17-5/8" - 6/cs1
SS-29LDBDecorative Bx Sparkle Ribbon L12-1/4"x3"x17-5/8" - 6/cs1
SS-27LDBDecorative Box Butterfly Lg12-1/4"x3"x17-5/8" - 6/cs1
SS-DX262MSongbirds - Deco Boxes - Med8.81" x 5.50" x 12.25"1
SS-DX312MClassic Balloons Deco Box - M 1
SS-32MDBDecorative Box Smiley Faces Md8-13/16"x5-1/2"x12-1/4" - 6/cs1
SS-31MDBDecorative Bx Vintage Floral M8-13/16"x5-1/2"x12-1/4" - 6/cs1
SS-26SDBDecorative Box Happy B-day Sm6-1/4"x3-3/4"x9-1/2" - 6/cs1
SS-27SDBDecorative Box Butterfly Small6-1/4"x3-3/4"x9-1/2" - 6/cs1
SS-28SDBDecorative Box Celebration Sm6-1/4"x3-3/4"x9-1/2" - 6/cs1
SS-29SDBDecorative Bx Sparkle Ribbon S6-1/4"x3-3/4"x9-1/2" - 6/cs1
SS-HOOKSBB6" Peghook, Silver, Flat BackSlatwall only - 25/pk2
W-SHELFEmpty Wire Shelf - 24"x13.5"Set of 2 Shelves2
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